Outpatient Imaging Affiliates chooses MedChat for HIPAA-compliant​ ​chat in 45 outpatient imaging centers

Franklin, TN – Outpatient Imaging Affiliates (OIA) has selected MedChat after an exhaustive search of HIPAA-compliant messaging platforms.  MedChat delivers live chat, chatbots, AI and two-way text messaging specifically for healthcare organizations.  The messaging platform will simplify patient, employee and referring physician communication in 45 imaging centers across 12 states.

“Messaging offers enormous value versus phone and FAX for our outpatient imaging centers,” said Adam Ray of Outpatient Imaging Affiliates.  “Before we could offer consumer-friendly messaging, we had to first ensure the security of patient protected health information.  MedChat offered the best combination of functionality, rigorous privacy & security and user experience.”

Other industries like online retail and consumer banking have deployed chat and chatbots faster than healthcare.  MedChat addresses the unique privacy, security and workflow requirements which have been a barrier to adoption by healthcare organizations.

“We estimate 10% of physician practices have adopted live chat and chatbots,” said MedChat founder & chief executive officer Matt Yagey. “Demand has accelerated as healthcare organizations realize these tools engage consumers and lower costs.  Being one of the few vendors providing these services specialized for healthcare, we have a front row seat to this transformation in consumer experience.”

"Not only did MedChat get how critical compliance, privacy and security was for us, they also understood the importance of user experience in operating quality, patient-friendly, service-oriented outpatient imaging centers," said Ray. "MedChat helps us be more agile without sacrificing security."

Adopted by hundreds of health systems, physician practices, Medicaid agencies, pharmacies, and other healthcare organizations, MedChat is useful when communicating with or about healthcare consumers.

“OIA recognized live chat and chatbots simplify referrals,” said Yagey.  “When a referring physician orders an imaging study, patient information must be securely shared with an imaging center, appointments need to be scheduled and insurance authorized.  Patients need to be reminded of what to do before their appointment and when to arrive.  Results must be delivered. Because of privacy and security, all of this is labor-intensive.  Consumers don’t want to make phone calls or download new apps.  MedChat solves these problems experienced by every healthcare organization.”

About Outpatient Imaging Affiliates

OIA partners with healthcare providers such as health systems, academic medical centers, and radiology groups to develop, market, and operate quality, patient-friendly, service-oriented outpatient imaging centers. OIA's business model is to invest equity in each project alongside its local partners while providing development, management, marketing, billing, and collection services to the joint venture.

About MedChat

MedChat is a modern patient access and communication platform for forward-thinking healthcare organizations.  Hundreds of health systems, payers, government agencies, physician practices, and other organizations handling protected health information (PHI) use MedChat for Live Chat, Chat Bots, AI Answer Bot, Two-Way Text, and Appointment Reminders.  Founded in 2014, MedChat is based in Charlotte, NC.  www.medchatapp.com


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